Font Software End User Licence Agreement

Important: Please read the contents of this Licensing Agreement carefully before you install any Type Services Fonts or software. This agreement defines your rights as a user of the fonts and/or software.

Free Font Licence

This End User License Agreement (EULA) is a legal agreement and binding contract between you (“you”, the “Licensee”) and Type Services (the “Supplier”, “Type Services” or “Harry Cresswell”).

When downloading, installing or using Type Services Font Software (hereafter the “font(s)”), the Licensee automatically agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, do not purchase, download, install, access or use the Fonts.

This licence is non-exclusive to You, may not be transferred by You, and can be revoked by Type Services at any time.

1. Terms and Definitions

1.1 “Type Services” is Harry Cresswell, the trading name of Studio HC Ltd.

1.2 “You”, “Your”, the “Licensee” or “End User” are defined as and refer to a customer who has purchased or downloaded the Font. An End User is not defined as a distributor, reseller, dealer, sub-licensee, original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”), or other wholesale buyer, etc. Type Services products may not be distributed and/or sold to third parties without prior written consent from Type Services.

1.3 “Font”, “Fonts”, “Font Software” have identical meanings in this agreement and refer to any font software in digital format downloaded via the “Download it free” button on this website or via the ”I Want This!” button on the Type Services Gumroad Page. This includes any Fonts You choose to make a voluntary donation for.

1.4 “Workstation”, “Workstations” are defined as any computer which is not a server; this includes (but not limited to) desktop computers, notebooks, netbooks, tablet PCs, communicators, multiprocessor computers, terminal stations, etc.

2. Permitted Uses and Restrictions

2.1 Installation

Fonts may be installed on an unlimited number of Workstations that belong to you for an unlimited time.

2.2 Font Usage

Free Fonts are available for free and will remain free indefinitely. Free fonts may be used for personal projects, educational and internal purposes.

If you wish to use Free Fonts for commercial projects and you did not make an initial donation, please re-download the font and make a small donation. For every donation of £2 and above, £1 will contribute towards the One Tree Planted reforestation program.

You may not convert, modify or rename the original font software under any circumstance.

You may not open the original font software in an editing software in order to reveal its structure, organisation or code.

2.3 Back-up Copies

You are permitted to make one copy of the Font for back-up purposes only and you agree to retain exclusive custody and control over such copy.

2.4 Embedding of fonts

Desktop: You are entitled to embed the Font in scalable format in electronic documents for delivery to third parties (such as PDF or EPS files), provided that such documents can only be used for Print and Preview and not edited by the recipient. You are permitted to use such documents for commercial distribution in the form of electronic books, magazines, documents, etc.

Web: With any download you have the right to embed the font on an unlimited number of websites. Web Fonts may be used for styling text on Your website via the CSS @font-face rule. Embed technologies other than @font-face are not allowed. Only the WOFF (“.woff”, “.woff2”, Web Open Font Format) and EOT (“.eot”, Embedded OpenType) Web Font files provided by Type Services may be used. The fonts have to be stored on the same server as the other softwares and assets associated with the licensed domains.

2.5 Modifications

You may create outline artworks based upon the Fonts for Your personal or business use. However, the use of any font creation or font manipulation program or any attempt to modify the Font for the purposes of creating a usable, derivative or substitute version of the Font is prohibited

Under no circumstances may You modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, alter, or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of the Fonts.

2.6 Apps, Games, Hardware and Software

This License expressly prohibits the embedding, inclusion, calling or linking of the Font Software within hardware and software in any form whatsoever. This includes, but is not limited to, video games, server-side applications, online document creation, mobile apps and OEM products or software.

If you wish to use the Fonts for a desktop or mobile app or services, please email to discuss custom license options.

2.7 Distribution

You may not distribute the Font or any part of the Font in a commercial or non-commercial manner, either as a standalone product, or bundled with other software or hardware. You must provide necessary protection against unauthorised access to the Font.

You may not distribute fonts, letters and other characters developed by you without a special Distribution Agreement signed by Harry Cresswell.

3. Ownership and Rights

3.1 You expressly acknowledge that the Font Software, the designs embodied therein, the trade names and/or trademarks and copyrights associated therewith are each the exclusive property of Type Services. All rights not expressly granted under this License are reserved to Type Services.

3.2 You agree that the Fonts and the design of the Fonts embodied therein are owned by Type Services and the Fonts’ structure, organisation and code are the valuable trade secrets of Type Services. You acknowledge that the Fonts are, among other means, protected under United Kingdom trademark and/or copyright law, by the trademark and/or copyright and design laws of other nations, and by international treaties.

4. Warranty and Liability

No warranties are granted. Type Services will not be subject to any liability in the evaluation or use of the Free Fonts provided. The Font Software has been produced to the best of the Supplier’s ability to meet industry standards. Type Services is not responsible for operating system errors or inoperability faults.

The Font Software is provided “as is” and the Supplier does not warrant that the Free Fonts will operate uninterrupted or error-free, and will not be responsible for any failures after installation.

In no event is Type Services liable for any loss or damages caused by the use of font(s), including lost profits, lost data, lost business opportunities, or lost savings.

5. Termination

This Agreement is valid in all territories and has no expiration date. Any breach of the terms of this License shall be cause for immediate termination without the obligation of notice or opportunity to cure. Type Services shall be entitled to seek any and all remedies under law or equity, without limitation, including injunctive relief without the obligation of posting security or bond.

You agree to immediately discontinue using or return the Font Software to Type Services and certify that no copy remains in your possession or control.

6. Choice of Law and Agreements

You agree that this Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and You submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts except where urgent injunctive relief is required.

This License may be amended by the written agreement of the parties. Type Services expressly reserves the right to amend or modify future versions of this License Agreement at any time and without prior notification.

This Agreement embodies the entire understanding between Type Services and You and supersedes all prior arrangements or understandings. If an applicable Court declares any part of it to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect.

7. Contact

For questions concerning this Licensing Agreement or any other issues surrounding the use of Fonts by Type Services, please send an inquiry via email to

— Version 1.0, July 14, 2018

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